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germinal: idea: todo: closing a gap with dbus and python

There is an unnatural separation in many common computing environments between “web space” and “local space”. They are both equally foreign to users (meaning we aren’t evolutionarily equipped with tools for natively manipulating these spaces, and we aren’t indigenous to them), and so making a distinction between them doesn’t help us use them. There are […]

idea: todo: semantic web date selector

Web Page as an API Have you ever heard the expression “your web page is your api” and wondered what it means? A web page is a document. A web page that belongs to you documents the things you’d like to say. In other words, it’s a platform for you to declare your likes and […]

todo: idea: phone based OpenId server

Imagine authenticating with your OpenId server with your cell phone, both by using in the traditional way (eg please press 1 to authenticate :-), SMS, and email. Look, Ma, no password!

idea: todo: bug database service like

As web style software proliferates, the concept of domain gains value. is a domain who has claimed expertise in events. Brilliant. What I’d really, really love is a domain who has an open web api like evdb, but whose expertise is in bugs. That would be great. Then everyone could start building their specific […]

idea: todo: publish to __ plugin

A plugin or bookmarklet or greasemonkey script that takes the highlighted text and creates a blog entry for you (hAtom formatted, of course). It can automatically save it as a draft, not necessarily actually publish. It also facilitates editing your post while browsing. Does flock do this? A google notebook type of interface would be […]

idea: todo: plugin that connects with asterisk

Imagine a greasemonkey script, or even a browser plugin, or hyperscope, or tabulator, or even a google homepage gagdet that allows you to make phone calls effortlessly by connecting to an asterisk server you have access to. This would need a slick contact database/auto completion to work well. Very doable though.

todo: idea: microformats creator/generator improvements

I’m currently working on a quick and dirty hAtom creator based on the hReview creator. I’m getting the urge to do lots of wild and drastic things, which is threatening to derail me from the task at hand. Instead of doing them, I’ll write about them, finish the task at hand, and just let the […]

todo: clean up rss2hp.xsl

I think this needs some additional cleaning and enhancement before being eligible for consideration as a contest entry. Need to hurry on this, it’s already been a day and the last contest was over in two.

todo: idea: rewrite dbview using kid, cherrypy, and sqlobject/sqlalchemy

Dan Connolly wrote a quick thing called which attempts to talk to a database and expose it to the web. It’s ok, but it’s got html mixed in with the source code, and I’m not sure how nice it is, really. I should try running it before doing anything, I suppose.

todo: idea: help with griddl

xhtml2rdf. This is great stuff. Documents have profiles which can be used to translate from one language into another. This has lots of implications for web api’s… simply publish in one format (xhtml is the one I prefer) and let a third party service translate it to what you need. I wonder if griddl supports […]