Monthly Archives: February 2007

toolbox: breve for xml generation in python

Every once in a while, I head over the cheeseshop and just scroll down. It’s really nice to see so many cool things. Today, I caught Breve, which is evidently inspired by Stan. The guy that wrote it wrote a Turbogears plugin to support stan, and seems very familiar with it, which drove him to […]

serverpronto doesn’t understand privacy or security & I hope they eventually realize their ticket system isn’t secure, and that putting credit card numbers in tickets is a very bad idea. UPDATE: I started hunting around for more information about this company. Evidently the Better Business Bureau can’t even figure out basic information about SeverPronto / InfoLink. The “address” they publish […]

serverpronto will publish your creditcard on the web

Serverpronto’s billing practices involve publishing sensitive credit card info on the web. To change your credit card number, you must use their help ticket system. They suggest providing all the necessary information to bill your credit card into one of these tickets. The tickets are unencrypted, and publicly available without a password for anyone to […]

serverpronto sucks. boycott infolink and serverpronto

Serverpronto is handing out credit card info over the public world wide web. Do not use their business. More on this later.

tools: atom and atompub

I just had a realization that I’ve been trying to invent ATOM and the Atom Publishing Protocol. I’ve been pining for web services, and a standardized way for representing resources and URI publishing patterns. I wanted it to work with storage engines of my choosing (eg, mercurial) so that I could use my favorite tools […]

microformats: new mailing list

The microformats community has had some phenomenal success in cataloging and researching techniques for non-lossy encoding of data in HTML. The growth in the community created a need for a new mailing list dedicated to discussing new ideas. So, after extensive discussions and voting on the wiki, the admins have just created a new list: […]

mercurial under fastcgi on lighttpd

Finally got mercurial to get served to the web using fastcgi under lighttpd. It took me about a full day to get it working, so I’d like to explain what I did so that someone else doesn’t struggle as long as I did. This is just a really brief note: you should already be familiar […]

annoyances: laptop power button, and windows updates

Some quick venting about user interface issues: I hate how I never know what the power button will do. When I open my laptop, I expect the screen to come on. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, I guess I’m supposed to hit the power switch, to get it to “wake […]