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analysis: gmail and gchat

Why gmail and gchat together? tools for communication broadly tools for communicationg densely more eyeballs, more time spent on ads $$$ I’m sure most people are now aware that gmail’s interface includes not only mail, but a live chat system. Gchat is fully integrated into the email experience. I’ve been wondering why. I suppose one […]

idea: todo: semantic web date selector

Web Page as an API Have you ever heard the expression “your web page is your api” and wondered what it means? A web page is a document. A web page that belongs to you documents the things you’d like to say. In other words, it’s a platform for you to declare your likes and […]

idea: todo: publish to __ plugin

A plugin or bookmarklet or greasemonkey script that takes the highlighted text and creates a blog entry for you (hAtom formatted, of course). It can automatically save it as a draft, not necessarily actually publish. It also facilitates editing your post while browsing. Does flock do this? A google notebook type of interface would be […]

idea: todo: plugin that connects with asterisk

Imagine a greasemonkey script, or even a browser plugin, or hyperscope, or tabulator, or even a google homepage gagdet that allows you to make phone calls effortlessly by connecting to an asterisk server you have access to. This would need a slick contact database/auto completion to work well. Very doable though.

idea: s5 editor/organizer

S5 is a great way to create presentations using standard xhtml, css, and javascript. The problem is editing and creating those things. It’d be nice to have a tool to help edit. I think a wysiwg tool might be very apropriate here. It’s purely structural elements. Slides should be draggable and droppable. An easy implementation […]

javascript mini-daemon

Everyone knows about the same-origin restriction on the web. When your browser loads a webpage, it can’t dereference HTML/XML resources from other origins. However, there are ways to get around this. If the service supports a sane JSON output format, you can always include it as a script. Elements themselves can sometimes dereference resources. The […]