microformats: new mailing list

The microformats community has had some phenomenal success in cataloging and researching techniques for non-lossy encoding of data in HTML. The growth in the community created a need for a new mailing list dedicated to discussing new ideas. So, after extensive discussions and voting on the wiki, the admins have just created a new list: the newly announced microformats-new mailing list.

This is a public list for discussion of new microformat research and proposals. Unmoderated, open subscription.

If you’ve got an idea for representing information in html so that it can be parsed back out by smart user agents, you should join and let’s discuss it. Expect to be challenged to research your idea and document how people have been trying to represent your favorite data, before being asked to draft any new formats. The primary idea is to document techniques that already exist, not creating new ones! At the end of documenting current efforts, everyone will have a better idea on what will or won’t work when it comes to inventing new techniques. Either way, we’d love to hear your idea, so join the list soon.


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