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Moved rss2hp.xsl

Update (a few mintues later): I’ll put some test links. This is using orchard’s xslt and hyperscope install and my xsl to do the transform. My Blog’s Feed in Hyperscope NY Times in Hyperscope NYTimes Music (my favorite) in hyperscope Discovery Top Stories in Hyperscope Reuter’s News in Hyperscope Rss Spec’s rss feed in hyperscope […]

done: verify rss version 2 to opml xslt

rss2hp.xsl transformed this feed into a hyperscope document. Pretty nifty. It seems to work alright. My webhosting doesn’t have xsltproc. I quickly tried to use php to do the transform, but I don’t have sablotron, evidently. I think I’m moving hosting providers relatively soon, anyway, and was even hesitant to put this up over there. […]