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atom pub, gdata, and one way to improve amazon+alexa

Has anyone tried using Amazon’s “RESTful” webservices? I’ve had many headaches using them. If I’m using PHP, I like to use nuSOAP to access SOAP services, because PHP’s facilities for XML (at least in version 4) are terrible. nuSOAP seems to have interop issues with some of Alexa’s/Amazon’s webservices, so that’s a pretty big turn […]

improving HTML

The W3C has restructured some working groups in the Interaction Domain. The new HTML working group is co-chaired by Dan Connolly of W3/MIT and Chris Wilson from Microsoft. Both WHATWG and W3C are pursuing an improvement in HTML while simultaneously adding new features. My reading of charts seems to indicate the following: WHATWG is focusing […]

create a command for

I’ve been looking into distutils stuff lately. It seems like really nice stuff… it’s capable of all sorts of nice things. One of the things I’d like to do is add some commands for creating releases, which involves automatically creating a release branch in perforce. I was having a lot of trouble getting enough information […]

serverpronto doesn’t understand privacy or security & I hope they eventually realize their ticket system isn’t secure, and that putting credit card numbers in tickets is a very bad idea. UPDATE: I started hunting around for more information about this company. Evidently the Better Business Bureau can’t even figure out basic information about SeverPronto / InfoLink. The “address” they publish […]

mercurial under fastcgi on lighttpd

Finally got mercurial to get served to the web using fastcgi under lighttpd. It took me about a full day to get it working, so I’d like to explain what I did so that someone else doesn’t struggle as long as I did. This is just a really brief note: you should already be familiar […]

claim your blog using technorati

Technorati Profile All it takes is a little link and technorati knows more about you and your blog.

toolbox: openid

What is OpenId? OpenId is a way to provide identity over the web. A URI that represents your credentials is requested by services you access that require you to identify yourself. Since this requirement is very common, monotony and affordance provided by the service of your choosing makes it no more difficult than ordinary browsing […]

idea: todo: wikipedia to hyperscope

Wikipedia has a regular document structure. In fact, one of the benefits of wikis is that it allows users to focus more and content, and less on style. Therefore many wikis have a regular emergent document structure that can be more or less predictably parsed… anyone up for an expert interface to wikipedia???

web style software

Linked Data Every piece of data has a URI. The way you access an object is by dereferencing it’s URI. The result is a kind of ORM over the web. I don’t really like that phrase, “ORM over the web”, so if you have a better suggestion, please tell me. ElementTree and Python I’ve been […]