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analysis: gmail and gchat

Why gmail and gchat together? tools for communication broadly tools for communicationg densely more eyeballs, more time spent on ads $$$ I’m sure most people are now aware that gmail’s interface includes not only mail, but a live chat system. Gchat is fully integrated into the email experience. I’ve been wondering why. I suppose one […]

idea: todo: plugin that connects with asterisk

Imagine a greasemonkey script, or even a browser plugin, or hyperscope, or tabulator, or even a google homepage gagdet that allows you to make phone calls effortlessly by connecting to an asterisk server you have access to. This would need a slick contact database/auto completion to work well. Very doable though.

delicious plugin

the delicious plugin should work the same was as google notebook. google notebook is a better way to save bookmarks. Both should integrate flawlessly with things like tiddlywiki. This is one of the things the web api idea makes easy to do. The Web’s a big place, don’t assume you can provide the best interface.