What is This?

This is a blog, which is shortened from “web log.” It’s the 21st century’s version of a diary or a journal. Anyone can read it. Some people can write on it. You can get your own for free. It’s available anywhere at anytime.

What Can I Do Here?

Right now you can read what I’m thinking about. The name of the blog is “Imaginings” because I day dream a lot. I’m not sure how long this blog will last. I intend to write about things regarding:

  1. the web
  2. music
  3. personal stuff

Who are you?

My name is Ben West. You can reach me by emailing bewest at gmail dot com. I have my own website at Siliconllama.com, but there’s not much there. I live in San Francisco, and I earn my bread (and a growing number of toys) by working for Alexa.com. I work on the toolbar, and several informative services. I have a degree in music from Harding University. My principal area is in voice, but I love conducting, cello, and percussion. I also play piano.

I’m interested in advancing web style software, human computer interfaces, and information architecture.

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