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magnatune is awesome

Quick Summary: Magnatunes is awesome. Listen to great music for free. Buy music at a price you decide. Any format you want, including plain old mp3. Half goes to the artist. I suggest using Magnatune for browsing, listening, and buying music. The music available might not be famous, but it is extremely high quality. They’ll […]

consulting the oracle

Modern Day Oracle Arthur Clarke said Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. What is today’s technology? What is today’s advanced technology? What technology is sufficiently advanced to be indistinguishable from magic? Are there any services like that around? I’ve been working, on the side, on idea purposefully intended to be magical. I’ve been […]

economy of ideas

The idea that we are knowledge workers suggests that the processes we use to complete work involve consumption and creation of knowledge. Knowledge is a substance that is out of band in relation to the material world, and possibly even the process itself, although we frequently use corporeal objects to store knowledge. I might tie […]

Usability and Hosting Providers

I’m currently searching for a hosting provider. I have some hosting already in disparate places, so I’m in the market for a dedicated or semi-dedicated host. It should be my centralized computing home. However, I’m having a hard time, and am filled with dread at the prospect of a longer search. I’m currently waiting for […]