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reminiscing: pdq bach and serpents

I started whistling the “O Serpent” song today, and felt compelled to inform my roommates of all the information I had on it. In researching, I came across Doug Yeo’s site, and his PDQ Bach web page. I started reading, expecting general information about serpents and PDQ Bach, but it was mostly about a specific […]

observation: music and computer science similarities

Although I’m a classically trained musician, my current principle work is as a software engineer. Since college, I’ve been searching for what aspects of these two areas faciliate my understanding of both. Recently, I observed while doing some serious practice with a metronome, that I had the same set of feelings when I was doing […]

magnatune is awesome

Quick Summary: Magnatunes is awesome. Listen to great music for free. Buy music at a price you decide. Any format you want, including plain old mp3. Half goes to the artist. I suggest using Magnatune for browsing, listening, and buying music. The music available might not be famous, but it is extremely high quality. They’ll […]

Canticum Novum Singers

In July of 2005 I graduated from Harding University with a degree in music. I’m not an especially talented or prolific musician. I don’t practice enough for that. It became obvious that if I wanted to support myself, I’d need a “real job.” I got one doing web development, which was easy enough because I […]

Hello world!

I like that the first entry for your new blog is the classic “Hello World.” I’ll leave it be and move on to things I want to talk about. My site is My name is Ben West. I’m a vocalist with a degree in music. I like conducting, playing piano, singing with small ensembles, […]