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s-expression templating in python

I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect templating module. When I was much younger, primarily doing PHP, I quickly saw that string concatenation and variable interpolation were not good solutions when trying to author lots of complex documents. I did some searching, and found Smarty, which satisfied my needs at that time. Over the […]

toolbox: breve for xml generation in python

Every once in a while, I head over the cheeseshop and just scroll down. It’s really nice to see so many cool things. Today, I caught Breve, which is evidently inspired by Stan. The guy that wrote it wrote a Turbogears plugin to support stan, and seems very familiar with it, which drove him to […]

tools: atom and atompub

I just had a realization that I’ve been trying to invent ATOM and the Atom Publishing Protocol. I’ve been pining for web services, and a standardized way for representing resources and URI publishing patterns. I wanted it to work with storage engines of my choosing (eg, mercurial) so that I could use my favorite tools […]

toolbox: webdev unicorns: components (3/4)

The web is a big place, and being a part of it increases the value of both the network your application interacts with and your application. This creates a need to interoperate with other applications on the web, the fulfillment of which actually helps create a better end-user experience. What this boils down to are […]

Moved rss2hp.xsl

Update (a few mintues later): I’ll put some test links. This is using orchard’s xslt and hyperscope install and my xsl to do the transform. My Blog’s Feed in Hyperscope NY Times in Hyperscope NYTimes Music (my favorite) in hyperscope Discovery Top Stories in Hyperscope Reuter’s News in Hyperscope Rss Spec’s rss feed in hyperscope […]

neat: orchard’s xsltproc works &

todo: clean up rss2hp.xsl

I think this needs some additional cleaning and enhancement before being eligible for consideration as a contest entry. Need to hurry on this, it’s already been a day and the last contest was over in two.

idea: todo: wikipedia to hyperscope

Wikipedia has a regular document structure. In fact, one of the benefits of wikis is that it allows users to focus more and content, and less on style. Therefore many wikis have a regular emergent document structure that can be more or less predictably parsed… anyone up for an expert interface to wikipedia???

done: verify rss version 2 to opml xslt

rss2hp.xsl transformed this feed into a hyperscope document. Pretty nifty. It seems to work alright. My webhosting doesn’t have xsltproc. I quickly tried to use php to do the transform, but I don’t have sablotron, evidently. I think I’m moving hosting providers relatively soon, anyway, and was even hesitant to put this up over there. […]

done: rss2hp.xsl

Rss Version 2 Transformed Into Hyperscope rss2hp.xsl is an xslt stylesheet that attempts to transfrom rss 2 into opml suitable for hyperscope. This is a bit rough, and I haven’t actually verified that it works, although it seems to transform into decent OPML. Verify that this works with hyperscope!