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reminiscing: pdq bach and serpents

I started whistling the “O Serpent” song today, and felt compelled to inform my roommates of all the information I had on it. In researching, I came across Doug Yeo’s site, and his PDQ Bach web page. I started reading, expecting general information about serpents and PDQ Bach, but it was mostly about a specific […]

toolbox: Give Yourself a URI with Hcard

Summary Use to describe yourself on a web page People are more important than computers. The “person” datatype, and implications for Search Presenting Hcard Hello World Hcard Demystified Using an hcard on your web page helps search engines learn more about you, can help people find your site, improves the computing ecosystem, and makes it […]

State of the Union

I usually keep my discussion rather geeky and technical here. However, I read Bush’s recent 2007 State of the Union Address, and I was wondering about a few things. Framing Environmentalism I was pretty keen to hear what he might have to say about global warming, and doing more to protect the environment. The warming […]

toolbox: webdev unicorns: conclusions (4/4)

Amid all the talk of web stacks, I’d like to take a step back to the Unix philosophy: do one small thing, do it well, make it pipeable and interoperable. I have a real need for separate, easily-understood coponents that are interoperable. They also need to perform well. Modern applications are getting so large, that […]

observation: music and computer science similarities

Although I’m a classically trained musician, my current principle work is as a software engineer. Since college, I’ve been searching for what aspects of these two areas faciliate my understanding of both. Recently, I observed while doing some serious practice with a metronome, that I had the same set of feelings when I was doing […]

magnatune is awesome

Quick Summary: Magnatunes is awesome. Listen to great music for free. Buy music at a price you decide. Any format you want, including plain old mp3. Half goes to the artist. I suggest using Magnatune for browsing, listening, and buying music. The music available might not be famous, but it is extremely high quality. They’ll […]

economy of ideas

The idea that we are knowledge workers suggests that the processes we use to complete work involve consumption and creation of knowledge. Knowledge is a substance that is out of band in relation to the material world, and possibly even the process itself, although we frequently use corporeal objects to store knowledge. I might tie […]

Lunch With Doug Engelbart

My rss2hp.xsl won me a lunch with Doug Engelbart. I tend to get really excited when presented with an opportunity to hobnob with people I label “seminal thinkers.” Seminal thinkers produce fundamental work that allow others to excel. Because of the fundamental work they do, often entire industries spring up surrounding their work. Today, because […]

raison d’etre

Why is this here? I’ve been getting requests for almost a year to keep a blog, from various people. One reasons to simply to catalogue the ideas in my head. I’ve noticed that people that get a lot done write down a lot about what they do. This enables them to try more things without […]

Currently doing

Currently working on: figuring out how to set up the web server. I think we should have several areas that are relatively distinct they may be accessed via <areaname> or<areaname>. I think the areas should be services, web (or www), sandbox, api, changes, bugs, phpmyadmin, and meta. Services is a general area for all […]