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tools: atom and atompub

I just had a realization that I’ve been trying to invent ATOM and the Atom Publishing Protocol. I’ve been pining for web services, and a standardized way for representing resources and URI publishing patterns. I wanted it to work with storage engines of my choosing (eg, mercurial) so that I could use my favorite tools […]

germinal: idea: todo: closing a gap with dbus and python

There is an unnatural separation in many common computing environments between “web space” and “local space”. They are both equally foreign to users (meaning we aren’t evolutionarily equipped with tools for natively manipulating these spaces, and we aren’t indigenous to them), and so making a distinction between them doesn’t help us use them. There are […]

consulting the oracle

Modern Day Oracle Arthur Clarke said Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. What is today’s technology? What is today’s advanced technology? What technology is sufficiently advanced to be indistinguishable from magic? Are there any services like that around? I’ve been working, on the side, on idea purposefully intended to be magical. I’ve been […]

Currently doing

Currently working on: figuring out how to set up the web server. I think we should have several areas that are relatively distinct they may be accessed via <areaname> or<areaname>. I think the areas should be services, web (or www), sandbox, api, changes, bugs, phpmyadmin, and meta. Services is a general area for all […]