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microformats: process discussion: search results as evidence

Before creating a microformat, the process demands a couple of concrete actions to be taken first. The general idea is to document current authorship techniques. If current techniques make it possible to encode a piece of information, there is no need for a microformat. Thus, we set ourselves up to make it difficult to create […]

s-expression templating in python

I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect templating module. When I was much younger, primarily doing PHP, I quickly saw that string concatenation and variable interpolation were not good solutions when trying to author lots of complex documents. I did some searching, and found Smarty, which satisfied my needs at that time. Over the […]

microformats: new mailing list

The microformats community has had some phenomenal success in cataloging and researching techniques for non-lossy encoding of data in HTML. The growth in the community created a need for a new mailing list dedicated to discussing new ideas. So, after extensive discussions and voting on the wiki, the admins have just created a new list: […]

toolbox: Give Yourself a URI with Hcard

Summary Use to describe yourself on a web page People are more important than computers. The “person” datatype, and implications for Search Presenting Hcard Hello World Hcard Demystified Using an hcard on your web page helps search engines learn more about you, can help people find your site, improves the computing ecosystem, and makes it […]

definition of microformat

A microformat is a specific collection of names, values, and accompanying structure defined through rigorous market research intended to consider pervasive use of semantic html that increases data fidelity in HTML-borne data widely distributed on the web. Microformats are more than one of these, eg: “hcard and hcal are microformats.” This is my definition for […]

todo: idea: microformats creator/generator improvements

I’m currently working on a quick and dirty hAtom creator based on the hReview creator. I’m getting the urge to do lots of wild and drastic things, which is threatening to derail me from the task at hand. Instead of doing them, I’ll write about them, finish the task at hand, and just let the […]

idea: s5 editor/organizer

S5 is a great way to create presentations using standard xhtml, css, and javascript. The problem is editing and creating those things. It’d be nice to have a tool to help edit. I think a wysiwg tool might be very apropriate here. It’s purely structural elements. Slides should be draggable and droppable. An easy implementation […]