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idea: three ways to improve amazon

Quick Summary (in order of importance) Adopt openID Opaque Attention Data Subscribe to users’ events’s site is fantastic. I get great recommendations, and I’ve started buying more and more stuff from them. However, there are a couple of things I’d like to see from them, technologically. OpenID Provider OpenID should be supported everywhere. There’s […]

idea: flight pickers should mashup with calendars

Date Selectors too Hard to Use I don’t know about most people, but I don’t fly without a reason. The reasons I fly are usually closely related to events that are often published. For example, lots of people travel on holidays. Other times, people plan for trips using tools like calendars. However, when I’m telling […]

open questions for web api publishers

I think web style software is still a kind of a new thing. People are starting to get it, but where are the tools to facilitate its development? So, here is a list of questions open for any web api publisher to answer. This includes publishers like amazon,, delicious, google, upcoming, technorati… the list […]

todo: idea: phone based OpenId server

Imagine authenticating with your OpenId server with your cell phone, both by using in the traditional way (eg please press 1 to authenticate :-), SMS, and email. Look, Ma, no password!