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reminiscing: pdq bach and serpents

I started whistling the “O Serpent” song today, and felt compelled to inform my roommates of all the information I had on it. In researching, I came across Doug Yeo’s site, and his PDQ Bach web page. I started reading, expecting general information about serpents and PDQ Bach, but it was mostly about a specific […]

bad amazon recommendations

Anyone know if/how I can tell amazon to never show me microsoft products, among other things?

issue 42

I chuckled a bit at issue 42 over at the TAG.

serverpronto will publish your creditcard on the web

Serverpronto’s billing practices involve publishing sensitive credit card info on the web. To change your credit card number, you must use their help ticket system. They suggest providing all the necessary information to bill your credit card into one of these tickets. The tickets are unencrypted, and publicly available without a password for anyone to […]

serverpronto sucks. boycott infolink and serverpronto

Serverpronto is handing out credit card info over the public world wide web. Do not use their business. More on this later.

State of the Union

I usually keep my discussion rather geeky and technical here. However, I read Bush’s recent 2007 State of the Union Address, and I was wondering about a few things. Framing Environmentalism I was pretty keen to hear what he might have to say about global warming, and doing more to protect the environment. The warming […]

definition of microformat

A microformat is a specific collection of names, values, and accompanying structure defined through rigorous market research intended to consider pervasive use of semantic html that increases data fidelity in HTML-borne data widely distributed on the web. Microformats are more than one of these, eg: “hcard and hcal are microformats.” This is my definition for […]

observation: music and computer science similarities

Although I’m a classically trained musician, my current principle work is as a software engineer. Since college, I’ve been searching for what aspects of these two areas faciliate my understanding of both. Recently, I observed while doing some serious practice with a metronome, that I had the same set of feelings when I was doing […]

consulting the oracle

Modern Day Oracle Arthur Clarke said Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. What is today’s technology? What is today’s advanced technology? What technology is sufficiently advanced to be indistinguishable from magic? Are there any services like that around? I’ve been working, on the side, on idea purposefully intended to be magical. I’ve been […]

economy of ideas

The idea that we are knowledge workers suggests that the processes we use to complete work involve consumption and creation of knowledge. Knowledge is a substance that is out of band in relation to the material world, and possibly even the process itself, although we frequently use corporeal objects to store knowledge. I might tie […]