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toolbox: webdev unicorns: conclusions (4/4)

Amid all the talk of web stacks, I’d like to take a step back to the Unix philosophy: do one small thing, do it well, make it pipeable and interoperable. I have a real need for separate, easily-understood coponents that are interoperable. They also need to perform well. Modern applications are getting so large, that […]

magnatune is awesome

Quick Summary: Magnatunes is awesome. Listen to great music for free. Buy music at a price you decide. Any format you want, including plain old mp3. Half goes to the artist. I suggest using Magnatune for browsing, listening, and buying music. The music available might not be famous, but it is extremely high quality. They’ll […]

Usability and Hosting Providers

I’m currently searching for a hosting provider. I have some hosting already in disparate places, so I’m in the market for a dedicated or semi-dedicated host. It should be my centralized computing home. However, I’m having a hard time, and am filled with dread at the prospect of a longer search. I’m currently waiting for […]

the toolbox

TODO: add links Summary Python based tools for me. cherrypy, kid, elementtree: cherrypy for ease of deployment and URI handling? kid is a nice templating language. elementtree turns xml into objects. sqlobject versus sqlalchemy pylons versus turbogears versus django versus ? Why Change? I’ve reached a point where the tools in my toolbox aren’t quite […]