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As web style software proliferates, the concept of domain gains value. is a domain who has claimed expertise in events. Brilliant. What I’d really, really love is a domain who has an open web api like evdb, but whose expertise is in bugs. That would be great. Then everyone could start building their specific interfaces to their bug data. Nice clean separation of responsibilities and loose coupling.

I’d even pay for such a service. The only thing is to make sure that private information is indeed private and secure. Anyway, this would let the user experience experts determine how to build the best interface, and even let people adopt the interface into their own applications as needed, instead of having yet another system to log in to and interact with.


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    Exactly what the Baetle ontology is designed to help out with. Please join the project and help out to write D2RQ mapping for different bug databases, help out with the schema, participate in the wiki, do some evangelism,… Ontologies only work when people work together.

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