todo: idea: microformats creator/generator improvements

I’m currently working on a quick and dirty hAtom creator based on the hReview creator. I’m getting the urge to do lots of wild and drastic things, which is threatening to derail me from the task at hand. Instead of doing them, I’ll write about them, finish the task at hand, and just let the other things dangle out here on the web till someone (or myself) gets a chance to do them.

  • Code Reuse. These creators are downright handy, and I’ve reimplemented the vcard one on my own site. Instead, let’s make these widgetized. Let’s decide on a more or less canonical html structure and create some javascript that will create the desired microformat. Something as easy to use as new Microformat.hCard($('mycontainer')); would be awesome. Right now, if someone makes an improvement to the hCard creator, the other creators don’t get the benefit. Spec this out!
  • About Section. Is there an official creator page? If so, let’s point to that. The about paragraph is getting longer and longer with phrases like “which is based on…” repeated over and over.
  • Default all dates to “right now”. Provide an easy to use calendar type widget to change dates.
  • hAtom creator: Add multiple. It’d be nice to add an arbitrary number of entries.
  • hAtom creator: Optional feed enclosure. Check box to wrap the entry/entries in an hfeed.
  • Edit URI: Allow someone to enter a URI and edit whatever microformat is found on the page.
  • Optionals. If the format requires, say, a vcard, the creator can defer to an external URI or can trust the user to fill it in later.
  • Common stylesheet. I suppose this goes with the reuseable code idea… we have many great coders, we should be reusing eachothers’ work.

Ah… I feel better… back to hacking on the task at hand.

Oops: one more: How do I commit hg to uf site?

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