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After years of using php for web development, my needs have changed, and I’ve decided to use python. I’ve been struggling to refill my toolbox with tools that suit my needs, and this post is the intro to a series of posts to capture my current findings in this search. There are five parts:

intro (0/4)
The first post, in which I explain what I’m doing.
templates (1/4)
The second post, in which I discuss templating technologies.
servers (2/4)
Third post, in which I discuss server technology, and methods I like to expose code to the web, and some performance implications.
components (3/4)
In which I discuss XML technologies for python.
conclusion (4/4)
In which I briefly mention why I’m passionate about good technology.

Generally, I need a set of tools that minimize the code I need to write, maximize code reuse, support good web authorship, support webstyle software, make it easy to collaborate on projects with a multi-disciplined team, helps me reduce maintenance costs (since maintenance is usually the most expensive part of software), and provides very good performance.

I’ve taken some time to evaluate turbogears by using it on three projects. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be using it. I’ll make several references to turbogears and its components. There are previous posts where I evaluated competing technologies such as paste,, django… after doing a week long search, I settled on turbogears, and after implementing some things I have more questions.


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