idea: s5 editor/organizer

S5 is a great way to create presentations using standard xhtml, css, and javascript. The problem is editing and creating those things. It’d be nice to have a tool to help edit. I think a wysiwg tool might be very apropriate here. It’s purely structural elements. Slides should be draggable and droppable.

An easy implementation is probably doable using XUL. A more interesting implementation would be pure bookmarklet based or some ajaxy application. A really nifty implementation would involve using tiddlywiki for previewing and organizing slides, along with a wysiwg editor for direct editing (in design mode?).

I’d love to do this, but doubt I’ll ever get around to it :-(.

A nice wrinkle to this would be collaborative, real-time editing. Is this being done already in other products (like writely)?

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