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So I think I grok the concept of using URI’s as a way to map your local object graph over the web. It’s a terrific idea. It allows you to do something like:

var articles = new Articles(articlestore);
foreach(i in articles) {

In this example the client code is completely agnostic of where Articles is coming from. The web api, and web style software makes it possible for Articles to actually be a location far away over the web! Each time I access articles[i], what actually may (or may not, due to optimizations) be happening is a new GET of$i where i is the current value of i from the collection.

I’ll take two

Count me in! I’m in “whole hog” for this. This makes things really really exciting. The problem is I don’t really know how to do it. There are all these technologies rdf, n3, owl, triple stores, ad nauseum. I plan on learning these, but I”m having a hard time getting a foot hold to work from.

First things first

The first thing, I think is making sure I understand how to consume the api. What is this processed called? I recently became aware of this concept called ORM. This provides an object oriented API in your client code statically bound to the database. This is close, but not cigar. I think I want ORM over the Web. ORMoWWW, anyone? If there’s a better name for this, please let me know!

Anyway, I’m having trouble finding tools for this. Does rdflib do this?

Back it up

On a current project, someone else is busy writing the web api bit. He’s using hibernate in java to provide ORM within java, and then plans on exposing it via a web api of my design. However, this seems like an inordinate amount of plumbing work that we shouldn’t have to do. I’d like to specify how the data works using a simple document, like n3. Then I’d like to tell the storage engine to create itself. Then I’d like the web api engine to connect to the storage engine and expose it to the web. Where are the tools to do this? Am I using the right terms to describe this? I saw, but I’m not quite sure it does all this. RDFLib made some reference to a graph store.

What I don’t mind doing

I know there are some problems with this. Especially with regards to authentication/security and transactions. Building in permissions shouldn’t be too difficult, I don’t mind writing a bit of code for that. As long as I dont’ have to write all the setters/getters and whatnot. I’m willing to pass on transactions for now. (Unless someone has already solved the problem.)


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