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Why is this here? I’ve been getting requests for almost a year to keep a blog, from various people. One reasons to simply to catalogue the ideas in my head. I’ve noticed that people that get a lot done write down a lot about what they do. This enables them to try more things without using up those mental resources constantly trying to remember what they are trying to do…. or something. Anyway, these days, I get so many ideas floating through my head, I have a hard time remember them. This does make me reluctant to try anything, and I end up being paralyzed by the sheer wait of trying to remain focused on the task at hand. Focusing on the task at hand means concentrating on a given task at the expense of letting other things slip away. I have a hard time letting go of that kind of control. Hopefully a blog will help me keep track of those things in a sane kind of way.

Finally, someone recently asked me for advice for their online presence. It is a music organization in New York City, one that I participated in for two musical seasons. My main advice was to get a blog. The reasons were to get more of their content and mindshare on to the web. This increases the natural conversations and relationships (a la cluetrain) with their prospective patrons. In addition it provides googlejuice for people looking for an organization like them. I spent many paragraphs on the importance of having a blog and rules for keeping content relevant and fresh. Then I realized I didn’t have one. Problem solved.


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