Currently doing

Currently working on:

  • figuring out how to set up the web server. I think we should have several areas that are relatively distinct they may be accessed via <areaname> or<areaname>. I think the areas should be services, web (or www), sandbox, api, changes, bugs, phpmyadmin, and meta. Services is a general area for all kinds of services… versioning and prototyping of web apis. web or www is what you see when you want to browse the website. Sandbox is reserved for an idea I don’t have yet. changes is for a web interface to change control (note how I’m avoiding technology driven names… it’s not p4 or cvs or svn or whatever… it’s just “changes”). bugs is the same for bugs. phpmyadmin should be changed to database. It’ll be our web frontend for database access. meta might overlap with www, we’ll see. It would be blog stuff, about pages, wiki, faqs…
  • Figuring out paste, mod_python, and other pythonic frameworks
  • figuring out s3
  • figuring out .NET
  • figuring out C#
  • figuring out ORM
  • Plotting many web apis
  • Figuring out optimal user interfaces for search results, wikis, ideas, persisted data
  • moving to tiddlywiki
  • figuring out tiddlywiki
  • figuring out ORM over HTTP

This is just technology stuff. I’ll have to write down non-technology stuff as well. Also, I’m not sure how to cohesively track proprietary/work related things that need to be kept away from general public in a way that isn’t totally fragmented. I have a nice system that I wrote for this stuff at work.


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