Canticum Novum Singers

In July of 2005 I graduated from Harding University with a degree in music. I’m not an especially talented or prolific musician. I don’t practice enough for that. It became obvious that if I wanted to support myself, I’d need a “real job.” I got one doing web development, which was easy enough because I like doing it, was a double major for quite awhile, and seemed reasonably proficient in the craft.

Anyway, since music is such a big part of my life, I called up several choirs in the New York/New Jersey area. I ended up joining Harold Rosenbaums‘s choir, Canticum Novum Singers. Auditions were easy enough. I showed up, sang through Mendelssohn’s “Lord, God of Abraham” from Elijah, and sight read one of the pieces being worked on. My audition was mediocre, but he let me in anyway. I’m glad he did. I moved to San Francisco several months after that, at the end of April 2006, so I had to quit the group. My time in the group was wondeful though.

I met other people my age and of similar disposition. Many of them also had music degrees, so I was surrounded by competent musicians. I really loved the music we performed. We did worked on all kinds of music, from ancient through 20th century and even contemporary. It is a relatively small group of about 20 – 30 people, which means the music making can be quite intimate, but you can also rely on others to help you out if you are momentarily struggling with the music. The best of both worlds, I suppose.

Anyway, I’m no longer a part of the group, but I hope they continue to make great music for another 30 years. Now to find a group of similar ilk around here! Any suggestions? Email bewest at


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